• What We Do

    At Inmobly, we recognize the desire of mobile users to access their favorite music and video – anytime, anywhere. Despite mobile networks getting faster, the demand for multimedia outpaces network capacity. We tackle this gap by bringing content to the mobile users before they want it – when optimal for carriers, content providers and consumers. Timely, efficient, intelligent - our innovative predictive caching platform de-congests mobile networks, and provides for new and exciting revenue opportunities for mobile carriers, content delivery networks, and content providers. Our Video Now SDK, combining a light weight client with optimized backend cloud processing, offers the most comprehensive set of features for mobile video delivery and provides easy integration with existing infrastructure.

    It’s smart. It’s Inmobly smart.

  • Video Now Technology

    inmobly’s content delivery
    platform and SDK are powered by the
    patented Video Now technology,
    raising the bar on a high quality
    mobile video experience.

  • PAUL-The-App

    PAUL-the-App, PAUL for Short, is our flagship Android application built around our Video Now Technology.
    PAUL brings videos right to your phone, every day, creating a personal phone DVR, allowing users to watch videos offline, re-watch with friends, all with no buffering delays and with no worries for 3G overage charges!

    Available on Google Play

About inmobly

Who We Are

inmobly - Intelligence in Mobility - is a young and vibrant company focusing on fixing mobile multimedia content delivery...

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Video Now Platform

What We Do

Video Now technology offers an innovative solution to the pressing bandwidth crunch problem facing wireless operators, content providers and smartphone and tablet users

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Recent News 

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