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Inmobly, Inc. is an Ohio State University spinoff pioneering a new paradigm for over-the-top, SaaS mobile video delivery solutions. Co-founded by Dr. Hesham El Gamal and Dr. Nayer Wanas and Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, inmobly’s proprietary technology enables the world’s first true last mile video delivery via advanced, cloud-based, predictive algorithms. Our end-to-end platform is serving the full mobile ecosystem by increasing revenues for content publishers through targeted advertising and enhanced mobile user experience while decongesting mobile networks and reducing capital/operating expenses. For more information click here

Inmobly is America’s most innovative mobile internet service solutions provider.

The technology helps reduce network congestion and eliminate load lags.

With Inmobly’s technology, fans will have now instant access to videos and other content otherwise previously inaccessible…

Inmobly has allowed us to take the lead in our market.


From Beginning to End

The first content before demand OTT platform that allows you to Manage, Publish, Monetize, Deliver and Personalize your videos all in one place

Video consumption is moving to the mobile

In this article we’ve gathered for you a collection of 15 awesome JavaScript and CSS libraries. Each…

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Inmobly Becomes a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner

Published on March 25, 2016

Inmobly is now a CWIP  COLUMBUS, OH, Mar 25, 2015 — Inmobly is pleased to…

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Inmobly Expands Partner Network in VAS providers

Published on February 1, 2016

Inmobly adds MT2, T-Pay and Idex Telecom as VAS partners COLUMBUS, OH, Feb 01, 2016…

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Inmobly is the sole OTT platform for U-Turn Entertainment

Published on December 30, 2015

Inmobly becomes the sole OTT platform for U-Turn Entertainment COLUMBUS, OH, Dec. 30, 2015 —…

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