inmobly’s TruEdge platform Analytics module allows you to view insights about your content and understand your users to drive increased viewer engagement and revenue. With real time video analytics you’ll get the data you need to truly understand how, when, and where your content is seen and shared by viewers. What keeps viewers watching? When do they lose interest? What do they share? Actionable Analytics ends the guesswork. With the clear numbers in hand, you’ll build a monetization strategy that really works.

Get the data needed to truly understand how, when, and where your content is seen and shared by viewers. Our client side SDK logs the user behavior in real-time to offer you both user-centric and content-centric analytics. Mobile carriers benefit can leverage network-centric analytics to maximize the ROI on their infrastructure.

Receive actionable analytics that allow you to boost engagement and increase revenue. Tailor advertising and subscription modes to maximize your revenue while offering your audience the mobile video experience they deserve. Differentiate yourself by pushing the right content at the right time.

Maximize your returns through personalized subscription models. Use advanced analytics to dynamically configure freemium packages that maximize revenue. Personalized pushing of trending content enhances user engagement and eliminate buffering and delays.

Understand your user base from different perspectives. Identify emerging patterns of consumption and leverage them to categorize your content into free and premium. Personalize the mobile user experience by dynamically configuring the preaching schedules based on advanced analytics.

Extensive reports and tracking of usage to glean actionable insights on the performance of your content. State of the art APIs are available to customize the reports to meet your needs. Integrate our analytics into your workflow with ease and security.

Optimize your ads selection and delivery dynamically. Use the analytics to configure your advertising campaigns for mobile viewers. Video ads targeting for different categories of content based on popularity. Content-centric analytics play an integral role in maximizing your revenue.

Dissect your analytics in ways that make it easier to understand and report. Content-centric, user-centric, and network-centric analytics are available to meet the needs of content publishers and mobile carriers. Actionable insights to maximize ROI on carrier infrastructure and content publisher video assets.