Why Bolt-Play?

Bolt Play is the easiest and smartest approach for mobile video content delivery, seamless streaming, offline viewing, engaging audience through content preloading and notification, advanced analytics, personalized recommendations, and much more.

Easy Integration

You can integrate Bolt-Play into your application with a single line of code to open the door to inmobly’s world of buffer-free mobile videos.

Offline Viewing

Video buffering is frustrating! With Bolt-Play users get a better experience – favorite or soon-to-be favorite videos pre-cached. That’s high quality service.


Bolt-Play Analytics gives you insights about your content and your users to drive increased viewer engagement and revenue.


The Bolt-Play recommendation module learns about your users and allows pushing of recommended videos for specific mobile devices.

DRM Compatibility

Bolt-Play gives you worry free delivery of your content with the first integrated Digital Rights Management solution that allows for securing content cached on user devices.


Bolt-Play is a revolutionary, new way of serving targeted mobile video advertising in the fastest, most efficient, and most profitable way possible.