No matter how many videos you manage or publish inmobly’s TruEdge platform can handle it. Our Suite of technologies integrates a variety of tools that give content owners the ability to manage all their assets in one simple interface. Publishing, managing and general handling of media has never been easier.

Managing videos individually or in bulk is a simple task using our Content Management System (CMS) dashboard. Publishing your content to your website, mobile application, YouTube Channel, or Facebook page is as simple as a single click.

Flexible syndication and publishing rules to major platforms; such as YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon Cloud. Supports different monetization models for freemium publishing and time-windowing. Limit access to premium content to your own outlets to promote your website and mobile application.

Edit your metadata to efficiently organize your content with specific embedded information. Personalize the catering of your content to match your audience preferences. Leverage the content pushing capability to efficiently deliver personalized video content without buffering or delays.

Organize your content in channels and categories with tags and metadata for ease of access and retrieval. Configure premium and free categories/channels to maximize advertising and subscription revenues. Manage the delivery to multiple platform through one easy to use dashboard.

Deliver your content securely and worry free with out built in Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Our DRM solution strikes the optimal balance between flexibility and security. Our cloud-based modular architecture ensures that your cached video content is perfected protected.

Built-in technology to control the quality and time of delivery. Configure your video access to allow access over certain platforms and device types. Pre-caching and content pushing decouple the time of consumption from the time of delivery reducing the load on your servers.

Reach your mobile users through our pioneering TruEdge platform to offer buffer-free and HD quality videos right on their devices. Dynamically configure the underlying Content Distribution Network (CDN) architecture to maximize the ROI for streaming and video on demand.

Social Sharing and engagement control allows you to take your content further. Utilize YouTube and Facebook to your advantage by tailoring the content offering on each platform. Maximize the benefit of our time-windowing technology to simultaneously maximize the revenue and the user engagement.

Built-in complete monetization options that make ad serving easy and more user engaging. Maximize your revenue by appropriately stitching video ads in your targeted advertising campaigns. Pre-caching video ads on mobile devices minimize the session dropout currently limiting your revenues.

Placing ads in your content is simple with our easy to use dashboard. Dynamically configure your targeted adverting campaigns based on emerging trends in content consumption. Generate detailed reports capturing the value you offer to your advertisers.

Upload your assets once and don’t worry about distribution, our CMS supports all major formats and screen sizes efficiently  and reliably. Publish your content on multiple platforms and ensure efficient delivery to your audience. Personalize mobile video pushing to eliminate buffering and delays.

Powerful and extensible APIs give your developers access to core functions and seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow. Tailor the look and feel of the CMS to meet your needs. Customize your video player to promote your brand and enhance the user experience.