With bite size TV and connected devices engaging customers anywhere and anytime it is imperative that your content is providing the best viewing experience possible. Today with content is being consumed in large amounts over mobile devices network congestion is a reality, and everyone suffers the pain of buffering and latency. Whether you are serving news,videos, sports clips or video advertisements, your viewers demand that you ensure content is being delivered with little or no latency or they are not waiting around to get it! With fifty percent of viewers aborting video when experiencing even a “three” second delay you may be losing out on revenue opportunities, so it is critical that your content gets to the end user fast and at the highest quality. inmobly solutions allow for the optimization of the downloading of mobile video content.

The Advantages Of Inmobly Cloud Based Solutions

inmobly’s patented one of kind solutions can deliver video content to your viewer’s buffer free and create a unique viewing experience. Using predictive intelligent technology, we place your content in front of the right eyes BEFORE they even want it.

The TruEdge solution supports all platforms, can work alone or as an overlay to your existing CDN to extend its potential.

inmobly’s TruEdge is the only solution to provide client-side technology for intelligent delivery of content allowing you to optimize your content for an extremely high quality viewing experience. Provides Seamless management of all your video assets and advertisements in one place to allow your viewer to consume your content and advertisements on or off-line.

Zero-latency Video

Indulge your users in zero-latency video at the top quality enabled using predictive caching and smart streaming

Enhance your user engagement:

Personalized delivery of content tailored to each individual user’s taste directly to their smartphone.

Increase your brand loyalty:

Win the battle for screen-time with your users by providing the best user experience with videos

Actionable Analytics:

Identify emerging trends in your content and gain insight on your content usage and users to increase content engagement or monetization revenue.

Increase your revenue from Ads

Pre-load user-targeted video ads for instantaneous playback free of buffering, latency, and loss of quality. It’s mobile video advertising as intended.