It’s no secret; mobile video is in high demand and the primary culprit bogging down your networks. Most of this video traffic is for non-live events, but what if there were a better way to deliver such content? We realize bits are precious and we’ve created solutions to solve network congestion to deliver Video Freedom as a VAS service.


We’ve targeted the data crunch at its very core; mobile video. As the multimedia traffic grows, our pioneering technology allows mobile carriers to maximally leverage the opportunity without straining their infrastructure. Our OTT platform smoothens our video traffic, and hence, enhances the efficiency of utilizing the available spectrum.

No waiting. No buffering. Anytime. Anywhere. Minimal integration effort with the carrier infrastructure allows for fast deployment and no overhead cost. Unique user experience and efficient utilization of the infrastructure resulting in new revenue streams. Mobile video exactly as it was intended!

Our predictive analytics technologies brings content BEFORE demand to your mobile subscribers. Our solutions predict subscriber viewing behaviors, monitors network traffic and device resources, and proactively caches relevant video content to a subscriber’s mobile device when most optimal.

A result of years of extensive research, our predictive accuracy is nearing 100{cda7c0b5c78d0b4452a4f071d40e9dc1ee9d23b77eff16260b10eabd61bf135f} and our monthly data savings are approaching 50{cda7c0b5c78d0b4452a4f071d40e9dc1ee9d23b77eff16260b10eabd61bf135f}. Our solution is 10x more efficient than comparable technologies and entirely seamless to your customers! Nobody is better. In fact, nobody does what we do!

For operators with price-tiered data plans, our technology coupled with our innovative dynamic-pricing models can increase ARPU (by as much as 5x!), increase customer retention, drive new customer generation, and generate new revenue streams. All of this without straining your infrastructure!

For operators with unlimited data plans, our data savings not only reduce operating costs, but can be easily monetized through premium services ideal for increased ARPU, customer retention, and new customer generation. A personalized mobile video experience for each user without the needed for additional infrastructure!