Inmobly’s OTT video platform offers carriers and content publishers an End-to-End solution to manage, deliver, and personalize video content directly to the end-user device. From hosting to DRM and optimal CDN delivery, our platform combines a unique mobile user experience with ease of management and secure delivery.

Manage and distribute your video content through our easy to use dashboard. Understand your audience behavior through our advanced analytics and tailor your monetization strategy accordingly. Our DRM technology ensures that your assets are protected while enabling a unique mobile experience of pre-cached videos.

All the way from hosting your content to caching it on mobile devices, our modular architecture ensures security, easy of use, and state of the art performance. We take the risk out of the equation by making sure you only pay for what your audience consume.

Our DRM solution protects your content assets using the leading industrial standards even when pre-cached on mobile devices. Your audience will enjoy buffer-free mobile video experience with offline playback capabilities while ensuring that your assets are not not mis-used.

Increase your monetary return but increasing user engagement and targeted advertising. Our embedded monetization engine allows for easy integration with advertising networks and paywall integration for premium content. With our platform, an amazing user experience will translate into significantly higher revenue!

Measure the performance of your content, and gain insight into the consumption patterns of your users. Our easy to use dashboard offers elegant views, at different levels, of how users engage your content. Optimize your monetization strategy based on the insights gleaned from our advanced analytics.

Our sophisticated recommendation engine offers a personalized user experience based on their past behavior and the behavior of users with similar interests. Our platform enables higher engagement rates and significantly reduces churn. Your audience will have their preferred videos at their fingertips without delay.

Our white-labeled application is ready for you to launch in less than 3 minutes. Customize the User Interface and benefit from our built-in content before demand SDK. If you have an existing application, you can integrate our developer-friendly SDK in a process that can be as easy as three steps.