Easy integration with existing infrastructure:

Works with all platforms for content delivery meaning you don’t need to change the way you do things. The TruEdge solution works as an overlay on your existing CDN solution to delivery zero-latency video experience.

No change to your workflow:

Get Zero latency videos at the get-go with the SDK without changing the workflow of your content handling. You either deploy TruEdge for Smart Streaming or predicative caching you will deliver to your users an exceptional experience.

Support Multiple formats:

Built-in support all standard video formats means you don’t need to worry about playback of your content. You could use your standard player or the built-in player to delivery your content to your users.

DRM Support:

Advanced proprietary DRM control on your content, even when cached on user devices. Versatile architecture supporting different subscription and syndication models. Light weight client which leverages the power of the cloud to minimize the computational load on mobile devices, and hence, optimizing the user experience.

Efficient use of device resources:

Resource awareness and optimized and efficient use of smartphone resources is fundamental to all users. Our light weight SDK makes sure to reduce the resource footprint used on the device and allows you to provide the outstanding user experience with no boundaries.

Analyze your audience engagement

Gain insights about your content and understand your users to drive increased viewer engagement and revenue. With real time analytics you’ll get the data you need to truly understand how, when, and where your content is seen by viewers.

Deliver Ads directly to mobile devices

Through advanced, cloud-based, predictive analytics, we pre-load user-targeted video ads onto mobile devices for instantaneous playback free of buffering, latency, and loss of quality. It’s mobile video advertising as intended.

New Monetization Models

Experience a technology that allows you to discover new models for monetizing your content. Whether you intend to run targeted advertising campaigns or allow access to premium content through a paywall, we are here to make it happen.