From the world leaders in mobile video content delivery, TruAd™ is a revolutionary, new way of serving targeted mobile video advertising in the fastest, most efficient, and most profitable way possible. TruAd™, the world’s first and only mobile ad serving technology, delivers user-targeted video ads we know to be uniquely relevant to each individual mobile user. Whether we’re ad-stitching or positioning standalone ads, you can be assured the right video ads are being seen by the right eyes.

Through advanced, cloud-based, predictive video analytics, TruAd™ pre-loads user-targeted video ads onto mobile devices for instantaneous playback free of buffering, latency, and loss of quality. Its mobile video advertising as it was intended – no buffering, no waiting. Anytime. Anywhere. Our customers enjoy more than 50{cda7c0b5c78d0b4452a4f071d40e9dc1ee9d23b77eff16260b10eabd61bf135f} increase in their advertising revenue within few weeks of launching.

Only available from TruAd™, our patent pending technology ensures your video ads are delivered with cost-efficiency in mind. Through advanced WiFi offloading techniques, TruAd™ significantly reduces your existing CDN costs and eliminates costly sponsored data charges.

Want to push certain video ads to specific mobile users? – enjoy a treasure trove of deep mobile analytics through our complementary TruView™ analytics dashboard. With TruAd™, you will gain insight into to your mobile users like never before.

TruAd™ comes as a very lightweight SDK packaged and ready for quick, easy, and seamless integration into your mobile application. For more information on TruAd™ and to discuss how we can provide your users with an unparalleled mobile advertising experience while unleashing a host of new revenue-generating opportunities, please contact us at today.