CDN on Device

Our CDN on the device technology, i.e., TruEdge™, is a revolutionary, new way for mobile video content delivery in the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective way possible. TruEdge™, the world’s first and only last mile video delivery technology, delivers personalized video content we know to be important to each individual mobile user. Whether we’re delivering your news videos, sports videos, or more, you can be assured the right content is being seen by the right eyes.

Through advanced, cloud-based, predictive video analytics, TruEdge™ pre-loads personalized video content onto mobile devices for instantaneous playback free of buffering, latency, and loss of quality. We provide your customers a mobile video experience they expect. Its mobile video as it was intended – no buffering, no waiting. Anytime. Anywhere.

Only available from TruEdge™, our patented scheduling ensures your video content is delivered on-time and cost-efficiently. Through advanced WiFi and off-peak offloading technique, TruEdge™ significantly reduces your existing CDN costs and eliminates costly sponsored data charges.

Want to push certain videos to specific mobile users? – enjoy a treasure trove of deep mobile video analytics through our complementary TruView™ analytics dashboard. TruEdge™ comes as a very lightweight and modular SDK packaged and ready for quick, easy, and seamless integration into your mobile application. For more information on TruEdge™ and to discuss how we can provide your users with an unparalleled mobile video experience, reduce your CDN costs, and unleash a host of new revenue-generating opportunities,
please contact us at today.

Our powerful and extensible APIs allow your developers the ability to personalized the user experience. Make the cached content visible to your audience to enhance engagement. Allow the end users the ability to configure the settings dynamically.

Our light weight client side SDK enables the full leverage of our technology without compromising the resources of the mobile device. Your audience will enjoy a unique mobile video experience in a seamless way.

Our cloud based architecture utilizes the computation power of the cloud to track and analyze user behavior. Easy configuration of pre-caching rules from the backend dashboard. Personalized pushing of trending videos to premium users.

State of the art DRM module integrated in the SDK. Combines the benefit of video pre-caching with the industry standard protection of your assets. Dynamic configuration of publishing and syndication from the dashboard.

Configure caching rules with the underlying network in mind. Limit caching to Wi-Fi and/or 3G off peak times based on your monetization strategy. The first video OTT platform that bridges the gap between content publishers and mobile carriers.

Offer your users an unparalleled mobile video experience, allowing you to own your mobile audience. Tailor your mobile advertising campaigns to match your audience preferences. Increase your revenue by reducing the mobile dropout rates.

No more high data charges for your end users. Enjoy ubiquitous Wi-Fi-like experience throughout the day. Caching videos while on Wi-Fi allows for offline consumption and viewing even when the 3G network is spotty.

Easy Integration of the SDK into your existing mobile application. Detailed documentation describing several modes of integrations that suit your needs. 24/7 support by our dedicated and professional staff.

UI optimization based on the cached videos. Personalized notification to enhance user engagement. DVR capabilities at the fingertips of your audience. Offline consumption of mobile videos while ensuring perfect security.

Smart caching with minimal impact on the mobile device resources. Sophisticated purging rules ensuring that fresh videos are always available on the device. A non-linear management algorithm to make sure that the device battery is never drained.