Using TruEdge for educational content

May 8, 2016 - 4 minutes read

The use of video educational content has grown rapidly in recent years. Producing these videos or using already existing educational content has become straightforward and allow students and professional to access them from anywhere.

However, managing and publishing these videos to your users remains a challenge. Simply linking videos on YouTube or sharing URLs on an existing LMS or portal is not sufficient. More so with the growing use of mobile devices to access such content, you lose the ability to find and navigate in this content. Furthermore, you will not be able to customize the resources you have to engage your users and students and to tie them to other tracking and assessment tools. Using the TruEdge platform you are able to address these needs in one simple interface.

With a TruEdge you will be able to manage, organize and publish your video content all in one place. You can also link your already existing channels of distribution (YouTube or LMS) to this platform to allow you to deliver you content directly to the end-user’s device. Your users could enjoy content buffering free on their devices that makes it accessible and increases the user engagement with the content.

Already have videos published?

Can you still make use of inmobly’s platform with already existing content on your LMS or YouTube channel? With our built-in tools to syndicate content, you could populate your assets or publish them to your already existing channels without any extra effort. You could also organize freely accessible content to enrich your user’s experience.

Engage your users more

Videos can be powerful teaching tools. For example, students can watch, and re-watch, a video until they understand the concept. The ability to watch multiple different presentations of the same concept until the student finds one that “clicks” is another tremendous advantage.

However, having to wait for the content to stream tremendously downgrades the outcome you could receive from this content. With inmobly’s proactive delivery platform, users could engage with your content on their personal devices without buffering and without delay. Coupled with the advanced recommendation engine, users always find the content they are looking for without the wait.

Making it accessible:

Students in an inmobly powered environment can simply search for the asset they want, by title, topic, tags, and much more, which enables them to find a video they want (without having to remember how to navigate to it) and even to discover additional videos that they might want to watch. This means that in addition to the resources you assign, you can also host a media library (tagged as you see fit) in which students can search for additional resources to supplement and enhance their own learning.

This ability to search for specific videos, and discover new ones, is something that simply putting a link to an external source can’t provide.

Measure your content

One of the problems with just sending students to a URL is that it’s very hard (and often impossible) to get any information on whether students actually watched the video; and more importantly, whether they understood it. Delivering your content using inmobly’s platform allows you to gain insight on your content and your students. You can measure who and when does every student or every video is watched. Use the information to personalize and perfect your content to your user’s needs.