inmobly’s platform gives you worry free content delivery. With the first integrated Digital Rights Management solution that allows for securing your video content while being cached on user devices. Hence, combining the best of the two worlds; peace of mind for the content owner and a unique mobile experience for the audience. inmobly is a certified Widevine partner ensuring that our solution is compliant with the state of the art industry standards for content protection and syndication.

Advanced proprietary DRM control on your content, even when cached on user devices. Versatile architecture supporting different subscription and syndication models. Light weight client which leverages the power of the cloud to minimize the computational load on mobile devices, and hence, optimizing the user experience.

A certified Widevine multi-platform DRM solution providing the capability to license and securely distribute multimedia content. Efficiently integrating Widevine leading approach with our CDN on the device technology combines the benefits of a buffer-free mobile video experience while efficiently monetizing your video assets.

Manage publishing rules and restrict viewing based on location, subscription or time of viewing for cached content. The module Widevine architecture allows for optimizing the memory footprint of the cached videos on the end user devices without compromising the DRM efficiency.

Control the number of times users can access your content in streaming or cached modes. Based on the subscription and syndication models, our technology allows for a personalized experience for premium content on mobile and web devices. Combine a unique user experience with a significant increase in revenue.

Make sure your video assets will not be used elsewhere and have peace of mind without compromising the quality of experience. Leverage the power of the cloud through our modular and cost efficient architecture. Pricing depends on the actual consumption to maximize your ROI.

Configure your DRM policies and assign them to your assets individually or in bulk. Manage your free and premium content in a single dashboard optimized for ease of use. APIs are available for customizing the solution to meet your needs. Maximize revenue through dynamic subscription models inspired by our advanced analytics.